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With years of experience in helping UK businesses with R&D tax relief and funding services, Think Cloud supports innovation by simplifying the application process and gives you the freedom to invest additional resources into your business’ growth. That’s why we’re trusted by so many organisations across the country.

Why Choose Us?

Think Cloud understands. We’re experienced, adaptable and diligent, with an in-depth understanding of the financial system across a huge range of business sizes and industries. We take the time to understand your business, and we use this knowledge to develop an application that takes all your business’ individual circumstances into account and ultimately maximise your claim.

Tax Credits

Research & development tax credits are offered by the UK Government to incentivise businesses that invest in innovation. Whether you are creating a pioneering product or service or developing new knowledge, you could be eligible to R&D tax credits.

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Capital allowances allow businesses to deduct certain resources such as equipment and business vehicles from their profits before paying tax. Think Cloud’s team of financial experts can help your business take full advantage of capital allowances tax relief.

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Remediation Relief

Land Remediation offers relief from corporation tax of up to 150% on expenses used to support the remediation of contaminated land that may otherwise cause a danger to people or the wider environment. If you’re eligible, we’ll help you access your full entitlement.

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Box Claims

The Patent Box entitles your business to a 10% reduction in corporate tax on profits gained from utilisation of its intellectual property (IP). Partner with the experts at Think Cloud and discover how you can access the full benefits of Patent Box claims.

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Through research and development grants provided by the government, local authorities and other organisations, your business could be entitled to additional funding of varying amounts to help with the development of products and services.

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The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) entitles certain investors to claim up to 30% of their income tax. This incentivises individuals to invest more into smaller, younger and high-risk businesses, which generates additional funds.

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