Patent Box

Unlock The Potential Of Your Intellectual Property

Innovation is key to growing your business and maintaining profitability, and protecting that innovation is essential to your business’ future. Patents serve to protect your intellectual property (IP), but they can also bring financial rewards through the Government’s Patent Box scheme. Our specialist Patent Box experts are here to help you reap those rewards, providing an essential financial incentive to foster your innovative journey.

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What Is the Patent Box?

First introduced in 2013, The Patent Box is a tax incentive designed to encourage companies to maintain and commercialise their patented inventions, reducing the rate of Corporation Tax paid on profits earned from patented innovations. If your business owns or has exclusively licensed-in patented IP, it could be eligible for a relief of up to 10% on your corporate tax.

How Think Cloud Can Help

Think Cloud’s dedicated team of tax & funding professionals are committed to helping you navigate the intricacies of the Patent Box. We provide an all-encompassing service, from identifying qualifying patents to the preparation and submission of claims. We ensure the whole process is seamless, free of disruption and ultimately effective in securing your business the funds it deserves.